According to a new Career Builder survey, 1-in-3 workers who call in sick are NOT really sick! That may not come as a shock to most people, but what may surprise you are some of the more unusual excuses people give for taking a “fake sick day.”

  • One person in the survey said they called in sick because they were too upset after watching the “Hunger Games” movie.

  • Another said they asked the boss for the day off because their toe was stuck in a faucet!

  • We also read about an employee who admitted he “forgot” he’d been hired for a new job.

  • And there’s a case of a worker who took a day off because they were so drunk, the sobriety device in their car wouldn’t allow the car to start!

What’s the deal with all these fake sick-day excuses? Rosemary Haefner is a Career Builder executive who says most people who lied about being sick said they just didn’t feel like going to work, and needed a day to relax. They also figured that the more detail they provided, the more believable their excuse would be.

But these days, that mindset can backfire because a growing number of employers are cracking down on people who take fake sick days. In fact, more than 1-in-4 bosses say they’ve taken steps to see if an employee’s story “checks out.” That includes calling the worker at home later in the day, asking for a doctor’s note, checking their Facebook page or even driving by the worker’s house, to see if they’re home resting.