Wish you had thicker hair? The solution might be to apply a little Latisse to your bald spot. 

Latisse is a popular eyelash thickener. And it may sound silly. But some experts in the medical community say that Latisse may soon become a medically-approved hair loss treatment.

Right now, the prescription drops are mostly used by women to help them grow longer, fuller eyelashes. You put a drop of Latisse on a tiny brush and sweep it along your lash-line every day. Studies show that just 3 months of treatment can boost eyelash thickness by a shocking 106%.

And those big results are causing desperate people to test the product out on the thinning hair on their head.

Like one woman we read about. She was self-conscious about a thinning bald spot on her head, and tried traditional hair-growth medications like Rogaine. But nothing worked. But 4 months after applying one drop of Latisse to her scalp every day, hair started growing in. And it hasn’t stopped. 

Some people also use Latisse to regrow their overly-plucked eyebrows. But before you start drenching your thinning hair with Latisse, beware. 

First, it’s pricey. Each tiny 2-ounce bottle costs $100, and experts say that your scalp will probably need two bottles – or $200 - a month. 

Also, it’s not a proven hair growth method. Latisse manufacturers are testing the safety and results of the drug on head hair now. And experts believe that Latisse doesn’t restart growth if your hair has stopped growing. Instead, they believe if it works on scalp hair at all, it only assists working hair follicles.

Testing continues – we’ll keep you posted on the progress.