From references who only give you a half-hearted recommendation to a resume with a font that’s too small. A lot of things can blow your quest for a new job. So here are three more things that can hurt your chances of being hired from career expert, Sarah Stamboulie: 

  • #1: Being less-than-enthusiastic about your former employer. Everyone knows you shouldn’t bash your old boss. But experts say that being neutral can hurt your chances too. That’s because the interviewer feels closer in status to your ex-manager, so that’s who they’ll identify with. So even if there’s no love lost between you and your old boss, put a positive spin on the experience. Even if you got fired you can still say, “I met some great people and learned a lot. I remember the day I got hired at that company, I was ecstatic.”  

  • Another interview mistake: Complaining about how hard it is to find a job. Everyone knows it’s tough out there, but don’t tell your interviewer that! Hiring managers aren’t interested in applicants who focus on the negative and feel sorry for themselves.  

  • This last job search mistake is a common sign of nerves: Talking too much at your job interview, especially at the beginning. Human resources expert Anita Attridge says that a lot of people deliver a well-rehearsed monologue about how their skills match the job description only to realize that their interpretation of the job is way off the mark and that they’ve been talking themselves out of the job. You’re better off letting the interviewer take the lead early, that way you can tailor your responses to their vision of the job.