Ladies, you never have to dine alone again! 

That’s because a new website lets you arrange restaurant plans with other female diners, either in your town or in anywhere in the world.

The site is called, and it acts as a virtual meeting place for women who don’t like dining solo and want to make new friends. 

Studies show that a lot of women, especially travelers, don’t enjoy dining alone, so they’ll eat in their rooms - or just won’t dine out, period - to avoid “table-for-one” syndrome. Also, women who dine alone, often don’t want to be hit on. But a lot of guys think, if a woman is alone, that’s what she does want. 

That’s where Invite For a Bite comes in. You log on and create an invite, like “Want to grab tapas in Milwaukee this Thursday night?” Then, interested diners message you directly to make plans. And you can check out their picture and profile to see they’d be a good dining companion. 

The site is currently only available to women – since the thinking is that if men join, it’ll quickly turn into a dating site. If you want to check it out, go to