Pop question: Guys, what’s the one thing your girlfriend or wife doesn’t want to be called? According to a new study, it’s “Babe!” Researchers had hundreds of female volunteers complete a survey that asked them to rank the top pet names they love and hate. The result? “Babe” was voted the number one most hated pet name. Followed by:

  • Baby girl

  • Sweet cheeks

  • Muffin

  • Sexy pants

  • And rounding out the list: Pumpkin.

Meanwhile, guys, take note - the top pet names women like to be called are:

  • Gorgeous

  • Beautiful 

  • Love

  • Precious

  • And: Lovely

So here’s my question to you, ladies what do you like to be called, and is there one name you can’t stand? Facebook.com/JohnTesh.