Ladies, if you’ve been drinking alcohol, you may be more buzzed than you think. 

Substance abuse expert Dr. Harold Urschel says that the number of women arrested for DUIs jumped 32-percent in the past decade. And a big reason why more women are drinking and driving is because they don’t realize they’re intoxicated. Like one woman we read about, who drank 2 vodka cranberries in 2 hours, and tested above the legal limit. How could she be drunk on that amount? A lot of it boils down to the physical differences between men and women. 

  • For one thing: Alcohol goes wherever there’s water in your body, your tissues, your organs, your bloodstream. So, generally, the more you weigh, the more water you contain, and the more diluted the alcohol in your system is. Meaning men, who tend to be bigger, feel the effects of alcohol less than women. 

  • To put it another way: Every drink a man has is equal to a drink-and-a-half in a woman. So women remain intoxicated longer than men, because their liver has to work harder to get rid of the alcohol. And that’s especially true if you have a drink with multiple types of booze, like a Long Island Iced Tea, which may contain more than 3 servings of alcohol.

  • Another reason you may be more buzzed than you think: Because one-glass does not equal one serving. For example, some wine glasses can hold as much as 5 servings if they’re filled to the brim. And one type of wine may be 9-percent alcohol and another may be 15-percent. 

So to protect yourself, and everyone else on the road, stick with one alcoholic drink a day. And if you’re tempted to drink more, call a cab.