When it comes to dating, everybody has a “type” they’re attracted to. But ladies – there are some “types” you should avoid at all costs. Here are the facts, courtesy of Judy McGuire, who wrote the book How Not to Date.

#1: The Over-Talker. This guy does enough talking for both of you.  And when you finally get a word in edgewise, he interrupts and talks over you anyway.  So, unless you prefer your thoughts and wishes to be blatantly ignored, steer clear.

Another guy not worth dating: The Over-Dresser. When a guy matches his socks to his underwear to the color of his shirt, you’re headed for trouble. Why? Because no perfectionist will be happy unless you, the house, and the kids are always spotless and perfectly coordinated.

Then there’s The Over-Reactor.  That’s the guy who reacts angrily and aggressively when anybody gets in his way, from a kid who accidentally bumps him at mall, to a car that cuts him off on the road. Eventually, he’ll turn his wrath on you.

Another “type” to avoid dating: The Over-Sharer. That’s someone who’ll share every intimate moment of your relationship with his mother, your mother, his friends, and his blog readers. Bottom line: If you don’t want the whole world to know your private business, walk away from this one.

The final “type” of guy to avoid: The Over-the-Topper. He’s the life of the party, and will do anything for a laugh.  Whether it’s driving his motorcycle through a friend’s house, or pushing you into a swimming pool at a wedding. When a guy’s so intent on having fun that he won’t consider your wishes and feelings, he’s not a keeper.