Would you believe that most kids today can't read the original Declaration of Independence. Why? Because they're not learning handwriting in school! They're learning how to type on a keyboard instead. Experts say that we're losing out on an important cultural connection to our past... And raising a generation that writes like second-graders... Because that's when schools stop teaching handwriting.
So, what's so important about cursive handwriting?

  • First, it makes you more creative. Research shows that when kids learn handwriting, they're also learning how to express themselves. And unlike typing, handwriting taps into the same creative areas of the brain used for art and music.
  • Good handwriting also makes you look smarter and more mature. Teachers say that these days, most high schoolers can only print... And their penmanship is sloppy and childish-looking. And studies show that sloppy writing makes the reader think your ideas aren't any good... Which can impact everything from your SAT scores, to your job prospects... Because if you fill out a job application - or write a thank-you note to an interviewer with childish handwriting - they'll wonder how competent you are.

Good handwriting will also make you faster at gathering information and ideas. Most writing in schools and business meetings is still done by hand. And since cursive is much faster - and takes less energy - than printing, your hands will be more likely to keep up with your thoughts.