After years of dogs getting 5-star service at doggy day cares and pet hotels – cats are coming into their own. And now cat kennels everywhere are rolling out the red carpet for feline guests.

For example, the Best Little Cat House features a “sun porch” with cat-sized wicker furniture, webcams in every room – so you can check on your furball remotely whenever you want to, and extras like feline manicures!

And the Feline Wishes and Caviar Dreams kennel is modeled after an Italian villa, complete with private suites and built-in waterfalls. Luxury cat kennels charge anywhere from $20 to over $100 per night.

So, why is the fancy cat kennel business booming? Experts say that any type of animal-related business is hot right now. And while doggie-only daycares have been big business for a long time, there were very few cat options. But statistics show there are roughly 80 million cats in North America – so it was a virtually untapped market!

But cats need a different type of boarding environment than dogs do. Where dogs can do well in an open, run-free setting – cats don’t. Multiple cats from one household may tolerate boarding together, but most cats prefer quiet time alone. And where dog hotels have flat-screen TVs in the room and an endless parade of people coming in and out to keep the dogs company – cats need a much calmer and quieter environment. Many actually tend to get anxious in new environments, which can trigger health issues.

Also before you sign your cat up for a 5-star stay, know that there are zero professional associations regulating the industry. Which means the kennels aren’t vetted for safety or ethical treatment of pets. So to find a legit and safe kennel for your cat, get referrals from friends or your vet.