What’s the latest way schools are protecting kids? They’re training teachers to confront and attack potential shooters. For example, a growing number of schools are holding “active-shooter self-defense workshops.” That’s where teachers learn the best places to take cover if they hear gunshots or defend themselves if a shooter enters their classroom. Teachers also practice drills about how to fight and disarm an attacker – including where to grab the barrel of a gun, so it can’t be fired. And how to use common classroom items like staplers and scissors as “weapons” to strike attackers.

Zach Hudson is co-founder of Defensive Tactics Solutions, a company that offers self-defense training for teachers. He says the workshops have grown more popular since the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. And they’re designed to help teachers feel more prepared for the unthinkable. And Hudson says it’s teachers who can make the difference between life and death for our kids.

As he puts it: Every school is required to practice fire drills each year. But the reality is, more kids are now dying in school shootings than in fires. And when an active shooter enters a school, people have only three options – run, hide, or fight. That’s why Hudson thinks it’s smart to train teachers on their options, and why he says self-defense workshops should be mandatory for all schools.

But what do you think? Should it be a teacher’s job to protect kids and make schools safer? Should more schools offer self-defense workshops for teachers?