Employers still have their pick of job candidates, so you need to be on top of your game to get the job you want. There isn’t room for slip ups. 

To help you out, here are some job interview strategies from hiring experts:  

  • Be camera ready. In a recent poll, 63% of HR managers said they often conduct video interviews. That’s a 50% JUMP from one year ago. The video interview is replacing the phone interview for screening applicants. So if you’re asked to do a Zoom or Skype meeting, just say “Great, I’d love to," even if you’ve never used either platform before. Then get a friend to show you the basics. Do a dry run with your friend, so you can see how you look, what the background looks like, and the lighting. All of that matters because it’s part of your first impression. 

  • Also if you’re going for a management position, figure you’ll go through about three rounds of interviews. That’s typical these days. As the meetings progress, they’ll get tougher. They’ll have called your “backdoor references.” Those aren’t the pals you listed on your resume. Those are contacts the company cold-called to get a beat on you. So be prepared to put a positive spin on things. Like if the hiring manager says, “So and so said you got fired.” Don’t lie. Own up to it and explain why it was for the best, what you learned, how you’ve bounced back, why you’re ready to move forward. 

  • Another tip for acing your next job interview: Keep your age to yourself by using the buzzwords and language the interviewer is using. You’ll come across like a peer, not as an underling or someone who’s too “seasoned,” to put it nicely. Plus by mimicking their language patterns you’ll make them subconsciously feel more connected to you.  

  • Finally, come prepared. Employers want people who will be productive from the word “go.” So come armed with a tablet loaded with examples of your work, whether it’s photos, text, a website, video or graphics. Be ready to email those links. Because sometimes, seeing is believing, and if you can do a little show and tell on the spot, you may blow away all the other candidates.