Sorry criminals – if you go to jail, you can forget about busting out.

The number of inmates who escape or go AWOL from prison has plummeted, even though the population in prison has surged 68 percent in the last 15 years. For example – in the mid-90s, 14,000 inmates escaped from prison. Today that number is around 2,000. Here’s what we learned from criminal justice expert John Moriarty.

First, the bad economy has helped prisons. When jobs were plentiful, no one wanted to work at a prison. Now, staffing is up! And with bigger staffs, there’s more security, and fewer escapes.

So what goes through the mind of someone planning as escape? Moriarty says they typically have a big, intricate plan to get to the fence – but once they’re there, that’s where their plan ends and they usually get caught. He says, smarter inmates don’t try to plan an escape. They know the prison will spend a million dollars trying to catch someone – because if they don’t go after one escapee, then everyone else will try it. Criminal justice expert Moriarty also says fewer inmates even attempt a prison break now.

Even still, a day doesn’t go by that officials don’t get wind of an escape plot. And Moriarty says, even though more cell phones are smuggled into prison these days, instead of being used to facilitate escape attempts the cell phones just enable the thugs just run their business from the inside instead of trying to get out.

And Moriarty says we may love prison escape movies but they’re far from reality. In the movies, the guys planning escapes are criminal masterminds. But in reality, 99 percent of the time, escape attempts are made by quote, “dim-witted sociopaths.”