Here’s the scoop from Woman’s World magazine.

  • If you’re a great cook. Become a personal chef! Personal chefs usually cook a week’s worth of food at a time for their clients, who freeze it and pull it out whenever they want to eat. It’s a great job these days because families who are always on the go need to save time, but still share meals together. You can charge $10 to $25 dollars per person – including groceries. To learn more, check out Culinary

  • If you love animals. Become a pet sitter! You’ll take care of animals while their owners are on vacation or working long hours. It’s a hot field because people are willing to spend lots of money on their pets – to the tune of over $34 BILLION dollars a year in America alone! You’ll make an average of $15 dollars to walk a dog, and $50 dollars a day to care for pets when their owners are away. Go to to learn more.

  • If you love to decorate. Become a home stager! These are people who give homes that up for sale a makeover.       

Everything from painting a living room to rearranging the furniture and setting up props, like vases with flowers. This job has great potential because homes that are “staged” sell faster and for about 20% more than the market price. Your cut? Between $500 and $5,000 dollars per house – depending on the size and the amount of work you do. To learn more, go to Staged