"Merry Christmas" is making a comeback!

The War on Christmas is coming to an end. Guess what? Christmas won. According to Advertising Age Magazine, this year Christmas is everywhere. It's in marketing campaigns, on signs and instead of hearing "Happy Holidays" when you enter a retail store, you'll hear "Merry Christmas" again. That has the American Family Association claiming victory.

The organization was the one of Christmas's staunchest defenders. Every year they organized boycotts of national retailers who went with the politically correct "Happy Holidays."

In the past they boycotted Target, Sears, The Gap and Walmart, and now all of those retailers have caved. One big hardware retail chain that used to sell "Family Trees" are selling Christmas trees once again.

Randy Sharp is the Director of Special Projects for the American Family Association. He says companies are getting the message. In 2005 just 20% of national retailers used Christmas in their advertising. Now that number is more like 80%. So why the sudden shift to "Merry Christmas" in the retail business?

Well, the last thing retailers want to do is alienate any of their customers. The fact is, over 90% of consumers celebrate Christmas... 5% celebrate Hanukkah and 2% celebrate Kwanzaa. Shoppers vote with their dollars and stores don't want to risk a boycott.