Here's some random intelligence from the Ladies Home Journal. One reason why women are great, and one reason why they should worry:

  • First, if you're looking for a job that gets your creative juices flowing, find one with a female boss. That's from researchers at Northwestern University. They found that women managers consistently score higher than men with it comes to rewarding their employees for good performances. And that raises office morale, creativity and productivity. In fact, women bosses are more likely to be inspiring role models, while male bosses more often use punishment to motivate employees.

  • Here's why women should worry if they smoke. 1 in 4 men smoke. Women are 4% less likely to light up. But research shows that female smokers are almost 3 times more likely to get lung cancer than male smokers. Not only that, regular smoking boosts a woman's risk for breast cancer by 30%. Why is this happening? It's harder for the female body to get rid of the toxic chemicals from cigarettes.