Did you know it’s a crime to drop a letter in your neighbor’s mailbox without a stamp?

That’s how one Conecticut family we read about got busted. They stuffed 80 invitations to a block party in their neighbors’ mailboxes.  Their local mailman tipped off the postal service and the family was brought up on charges of breaking a postal law. On top of that, even though the postal service didn’t deliver any of the invitations, they’re demanding to be reimbursed for each envelope to a total of $35 dollars.

The case is causing controversy. Critics say the changes are bogus and it’s just the postal system being greedy.  But legal experts say it’s totally legit. That’s because of the “mailbox restriction” law passed in 1934 which makes it illegal to put any type of mail in a neighbor’s mailbox without postage. 

So, the next time you want to drop an invite or a note to your neighbor, put a stamp on it. Or, leave it on their doorstep, or slide it through their door slot.  Legal experts say those are legal ways to deliver mail to your neighbors.