How often do you hear this story? A guy seems to have it all – money, a beautiful wife, a perfect life, and yet he still finds a reason to cheat! What gives? According to new research from Cornell University, it may actually be possible to predict which men are bound to cheat, and it all comes down to money. That’s the word from Christin Munsch, a sociologist who led this study. For six years, her team tracked couples who had been married or living together for at least a year. What did they discover?

For starters, they found that the men most likely to cheat earned significantly more than their female partners, or significantly less. In fact, men who earned nothing – and were completely dependent on their partner – were five times more likely to cheat, compared to men who contributed an equal amount of money to the relationship. You can probably guess why money is such an important factor in relationships. As Muncsh puts it, guys who cheat are basically compensating for what they perceive as their “shortcomings.”

For example: Men who earn less than their female partners are compensating for the fact that they’re not the family breadwinner, and cheating makes them feel manly and in control. On the flipside, men who earn significantly more are compensating for the fact that they feel emotionally detached from their partner. It’s usually because they’re spending a lot of time at work, or on the road. The good news here is that less than 1-in-11 men in this study actually cheated. That means the majority of guys out there are faithful. Also, the magic number for predicting a cheater seems to be about 25%. In other words: If you and your partner earn incomes within 25% percent of each other, then congratulations. Statistics show you’re in the lowest risk group for your relationship ending in a cheating scandal.