Here are a few mood-boosters that are guaranteed to make you feel better no matter where you are. And they’ll do it in less than one minute! We got these from Women’s Health and Fitness magazine.

  • Tend to your temples. Rubbing your temples for 60 seconds releases all over body tension and improves your frame of mind. According to sports psychologist Justin Price, the temporal artery runs through that area, and massaging it increases blood supply to the muscles of the face and head. This causes a general relaxation response.

  • Change your position. If you’re sitting, stand up. If you’re standing, lie down. A change in your body’s elevation increases your heart rate and oxygen levels, which gives you a quick pick-me-up.

  • Play the name game. Write your name on a piece of paper, then jot down an uplifting adjective about yourself that begins with each letter in your name. According to life and wellness coach Mary Bratcher, this gets you to look at yourself in a positive manner. And it makes you feel better instantly.

  • Call a lifeline. Studies show that just hearing the voice of someone you love can have a calming effect on your body, and if you can HUG a friend, even better! Skin-to-skin contact reduces stress hormones.

  • Say no to the "joe" According to a study from Duke University, just one cup of coffee a day can interfere with your ability to absorb mood-lifting nutrients, like iron and magnesium. Instead, switch to green tea. You’ll get a good dose of polyphenols, the brain chemicals that make dopamine – a mood elevator - more available. Translation? You’ll feel on top of the world! Or at least, on your way up there.