We're all stressed. And we live in a stressful world. So it’s no big deal, right? Actually, it IS a big deal. Being constantly frazzled and anxious makes us more prone to risky behaviors – like smoking, drinking and overeating. And long-term, stress can trigger hormones that enable tumor growth – and then increase blood flow to those growing tumors. It puts our bodies in a state of non-stop inflammation. So here are some ways to de-stress:

  • Take dance lessons. In a study, people who took dance lessons reported overall lower stress levels. That’s according to the Anderson Cancer Center.

  • Another stress busting move: Sniff some essential oils – like citrus, lavender, sage or rose. According to Washington University in St. Louis, sniffing those scents lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Or you can add 6 drops to a bath to get the same effect.

  • One more stress reliever: Do brunch. Or hang with the guys. According to the University of Chicago School of Medicine, being social lowers your blood pressure and reduces depression. And that’s true for everyone in the group.

Just remember to practice these tips regularly to keep your hormone levels under control.