Will your new flame flame out? I have the four warning signs that Prince Charming is actually Mr. Wrong:

  • First: You never spend time with their friends. Psychologist Dr. Margaret Paul says this means one of two things: Either your new flame has NO plans to make you part of their life. Or they don’t have any friends because they’re unable to maintain any type of long-term relationships. Either way, you need to head for the hills.  

  • Another warning sign your new relationship isn’t going anywhere: Your conversations are fun, but completely superficial. Bethany Marshall is the author of the relationship book Deal Breakers. And she says, an ideal partner has to be willing to open up and share their thoughts and feelings. If they’re not willing to talk while they’re getting to know you, you’ll find it impossible to work through the problems that’ll inevitably crop up during any long-term relationship.  

  • The third sign your new romance is a breakup waiting to happen: They’re unreliable. Dating expert Toni Coleman says the number one indicator of future relationship problems is someone who fails to keep their promises. Sure, everyone has the occasional work hiccup or family illness that prevents them from keeping a date. But if it happens multiple times, they’re not that into you, or they’re just not relationship-ready, which means it’s time to move on.  

  • And finally: If you’re the only one calling or texting or making plans, the relationship won’t last. You don’t want someone who’s clingy or needy, but you also shouldn’t be the only one doing any work to keep the two of you together. Relationships are a two-way street, and they need a constant balance to survive.