The economy doesn’t just affect our bank accounts  It affects our relationships! Here are the top new relationship trends experts say have sprung up because of the economy:

  • First: Couples are putting off marriage. The latest Census data shows that for the first time in history, there are now more non-married people in North America than married ones. Experts say that a lot of couples don’t want to say “I do” unless they’re financially stable.

  • Another new economy-triggered relationship trend? There are more real-life “Golden Girls!” Experts say that a growing number of senior women are living together.  Because pooling resources is a smart money move.

  • And it’s not only older women who are becoming roommates. There’s also been a dramatic jump in the number of “Mom-unes," like communes. Those are houses where a couple of single moms and their children live together. Experts say that “Mom-unes” are becoming a norm because it’s drastically cheaper for single moms to split household expenses with a couple of other moms instead of scrambling to pay for 100 percent of all household costs on their own.