At work, you can expect your salary to be based on things like your skills, experience, and education. But did you know your personality also factors into how much you earn? It turns out, a person with the right characteristics can earn more than someone equally skilled, who doesn’t possess certain personality traits. For example:

  • It pays to be outgoing. That’s according to a new study from the University of Arizona. It shows that people who volunteer, play sports, or join clubs with their co-workers are more likely to get a raise than people who are less involved with their co-workers. Why? Because group activities foster stronger social bonds. And that’s key, because most jobs and promotions are now filled through personal referrals.

  • Agreeableness will also boost your salary. That doesn’t mean being Mr. Nice guy or a Yes Man – it’s Mr. Go-With-The-Flow guy. And experts say the more agreeable you are, the more likely you are to get hired – or get a raise. In fact, a Cornell study found that “agreeable” workers make at least $36,000 more than those who are stubborn, and set in their ways. Researchers say it’s because bosses put more value on workers who can be flexible, change with the times, and get thrown into any job!

  • It pays to be optimistic. In one new 10-year study, researchers found that optimistic people earned an average of $33,000 more then pessimistic people! Experts say that makes sense, because you need to know how to “keep your chin up” in order to get through adversity on the job, or the occasional career setback.