Are you in the WRONG job? While no job is perfect, here are some sure signs that yours is a bad fit, and you need to work somewhere else. This comes from the experts at

First: You're ashamed of your job. It may sound obvious, but if you can't bring yourself to tell people what you do for a living, you'll never get satisfaction from your job.

Another bad sign is if: You're a loner at work. Like if you go in, do your job, and then leave without any attempt to bond with your coworkers. Experts say you don't need to be B-F-Fs with everyone, but studies show that your productivity depends on forging healthy connections at work. So, if it's a struggle to get beyond a quick "hello" each day, you need to find a job that offers a better social match.

The next sign that you're in the wrong job: You're overwhelmed by your workload. Because if you never have time to finish all the tasks assigned to you, then you'll leave work feeling anxious, agitated, and emotional. Experts say that can easily take a toll on everything you do outside of work!

You're also in the wrong job if your skills are stagnating. For example: During the recession, lots of people took jobs that they were overqualified for, just to pay the bills. The problem is that if you don't keep all your skills sharp, then you'll eventually lose them.

One more sign you're in the wrong job: You're not learning anything new. Experts say that just like life, your job should be a constant learning process. That's why many companies offer mentoring programs, where they constantly develop and train staff for future promotions. Others encourage workers to attend conventions and seminars, where they can learn about new trends in their industry. The point is, you should be learning something new at work every day. If you're not, then consider this your wake-up call: You're in the wrong job!