Even in a slow market – your house should still sell if it’s in good shape. Sure, it may take longer, and you may not have a bidding war, but if you’re not getting any serious interest after 3 months – there’s something wrong. So here’s what makes a house unsellable, according to real estate expert and Today show contributor, Barbara Corcoran.

  • It may be too small. Unfortunately, small is not the new big. If your house is the smallest on the block, adjust your asking price accordingly. If you can’t afford to add-on and increase the square footage – make it seem as big as possible by clearing away clutter, taking down heavy drapes, and reorganizing your furniture so the space seems open.

  • You only have one bathroom. These days, no one wants to wait to use the bathroom. So think about turning an existing closet into a half-bath. That’ll look better on the listing.

  • You don’t have air conditioning. Consider the $10-grand for central air an investment which you’ll get back immediately when your house sells.

  • It’s got a fuse box. People expect circuit breakers nowadays. Upgrade the electrical system if you want to sell – or reduce the price.

  • Spiral staircases. Yeah, they look cool, but have you ever tried to maneuver a mattress up a spiral staircase? Or a sofa? What about Grandma? She’ll never get to the guest bedroom upstairs!

  • A basement laundry room. Your thinking was – ‘who wants to hear the noise of the washing machine?’ It was a good idea at the time – but times have changed. These days people don’t want to travel to the dark, dank recesses of their home to do a load of wash. These days, people would rather have the laundry near the kitchen or the bedrooms for convenience. So welcome your washer and dryer back into the main house.

If you have any of the unsellable features we mentioned, try to change them – or lower your asking price.