Ladies, is your man having a “bromance” with another guy, a best friend they hit the gym with, play cards with, or grab a beer with? Well, know this: Experts say you should accept – and even encourage – your man to have a bromance. Dr. Geoffery Greif is the author of “Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships.” He says that bromances are all the rage because it’s more socially accepted nowadays for men to express their feelings for platonic male friends, and the benefits are enormous. For example:

  • Men with close friends live longer, healthier lives than men without close friendships.
  • Also, men who have close guy friends are more likely to exercise or to start working out if they don’t already.
  • A bromance can help your man stay intellectually stimulated, because best buddies push each other to try new things, and that can keep them both mentally engaged.

According to Dr. William Pollack from Harvard University, having a close male buddy is the single most important thing in a man’s life. He points out that countless studies have found that friendships can help lower blood pressure, ward off depression, speed healing after an injury, and even prolong your life.
What if your guy’s bromantic partner is someone you don’t happen to like? What should you do? Plain and simple: Keep your mouth shut and focus on the positives. Ask your guy what he likes about his best bud, which should help you better understand and appreciate the friend he hangs out with.