Time to give your doctor a checkup! A new study found that nearly half of all doctors are suffering from harmful symptoms of burn-out, like exhaustion and depression. Issues that can potentially derail your health, or even your life, if they miss a critical diagnosis or a red-flag about your health. So, here’s how to tell if your doc is suffering from burn-out and you need to see someone else: 

  • First: Do they give you treatment options? Experts say that a good doctor will often explain their treatment action plan, and also  present back-up options so you can choose your own method. For example, they might say that surgery’s your best bet, but certain medications could also help your condition. While a burned-out doctor is more likely to say: This is your only option.

  • Another sign of a burned-out doctor: They don’t know your stats. If you're being treated for a serious issue, like a heart condition, your GP should consult with your cardiologist and be up-to-date on your health. If they have to ask what treatments you've had, or which doctors you’ve seen, they haven’t reviewed your file. Of course, a doctor won’t remember every detail about every patient, but a good doctor takes the time to review your file before your appointment.  

  • lastly, do they make eye contact with you? 

Look for body language that your doctor’s focused on you, like eye contact, asking how you are, and making notes in your file. If it seems like they’re just not there, it’s time to shop for a new doc.