Guess who tops the list of the most burned-out workers in the country? Doctors! According to a recent study by the Mayo Clinic, most physicians are running on fumes. In fact, almost half of the doctors surveyed said they’d lost their enthusiasm for their work, and 40% said they were emotionally exhausted, that’s 10% higher than people in any other profession. 

So, why are doctors so frazzled? The study’s authors believe part of the reason is increasingly heavy workloads, because insurance companies are requiring more extensive paperwork – and they aren’t reimbursing doctors as much for their work. That means doctors have to see more patients just to keep their offices open. 

The worst burnout cases are among emergency room doctors, and those specializing in family medicine. And that’s bad news, because weary healthcare providers are more likely to give lower-quality care. And over a third of the doctors in the study had high depersonalization scores, which means they view their patients more like objects than human beings. 

So, next time you see your doctor, it might be a good idea to ask how they’re feeling.