Kids are getting old before their time and developing adult diseases while they’re still in elementary school. But the experts at Harvard Medical School say, unless your kid has some sort of unavoidable condition, there is NO REASON for them to have high blood pressure. That’s why it’s shocking that nearly 20-percent of all boys and 13-percent of all girls DO, which leads to heart attacks, strokes and organ damage, even in children. 

As you can guess, it’s because too many kids are too fat and eating too many salty snacks. Dr. Joanna Dolgoff is a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, and she says, in her practice, she was seeing so many kids with high blood pressure, she thought her equipment was broken! But it turns out, 80-percent of kids are getting more fat and sodium than they should on a daily basis. And it’s not that parents are cooking too many salty, fatty foods; the kids are getting it from processed foods. To make it worse, kids are eating these packaged, processed foods parked in front of TVs and video games. So they’re not getting exercise to offset the effects. As a result, they’re now having heart attacks and strokes. 
But high blood pressure is the tip of the iceberg. Kids are now developing problems that, in the past, typically only middle-aged people got, including Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain and swelling in the brain caused by obesity. I know this isn’t cheery, rosy news. But these are the facts. 
So what’s the solution? Parents need to cook more at home and stop giving their kids processed and packaged foods. And if you worry about the cost of produce, go to a store like Dollar General, which has expanded their fresh food section. At every checkup, kids should be tested for high blood pressure, and if diet and exercise don’t work, more kids may need to be put on medications to lower blood pressure.