When it comes to selling a home, having certain “bad luck” numbers in your address – or in the listing price – can literally make it harder to sell. And certain “lucky” numbers can attract more buyers, and get you a higher sale price.

Here are three interesting examples: In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered lucky, because the Chinese word for “8” sounds like the word for “wealth” and “prosperity.” But the number 4 is believed to bring bad luck, because it sounds like the Chinese word for “death.” And according to real estate agents, 85% of their Asian clients avoid the number 4 at all costs.

That’s why, 20% of listings have an 8 as the last number of the price before the zeros – like $328,000. Buyers also often go out of their way to obtain a lucky address. And will often pay as much as a 3% extra if the address ends in an 8.

Another common real estate number? 7. In Nevada – especially Las Vegas – lucky number 7 often helps sellers unload their property. Statistics show that listings ending in a 7 are 37% more common in Nevada than in the rest of North America. And it’s very common for a price to end in triple-sevens, which is the traditional big payoff for slot machines.

One final example of lucky numbers showing up in home listing prices: 316. In the Bible Belt, homes are 27% more likely than in other areas to include the number 316. It refers to the one of the most-quoted Bible verses: John 3:16 – which starts: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son.