Time for a bombshell announcement: Scientists say we could have a cure for Type 2 diabetes – the type of diabetes caused by obesity, which 25 million North Americans suffer from. And the cure isn’t a fancy new drug. It’s weight loss surgery. And a growing number of studies are backing it up.
For example, at the Cleveland Clinic, researchers analyzed diabetic volunteers. One group was given traditional drug therapy, and another group underwent gastric bypass surgery. Fast forward two years. The drug therapy patients were still battling diabetes. But 75-percent of those who underwent a bypass no longer had diabetes. At the beginning of the study, most of the patients were taking three or more medications to control the disease. But after a year, almost none of the gastric-bypass patients needed medication. 
Experts aren’t exactly sure why weight loss surgery reverses diabetes – but they believe it’s because it sets off major changes with your body’s hormones. So is it worth having a $25,000 surgery for Type-2 diabetes? For those who can’t control their disease, yes. 
Because they face complications including heart and kidney disease, a possible loss of limbs and blindness. And one person with uncontrolled diabetes can run up millions in medical bills. So even though gastric surgery may sound extreme it may become a standard treatment for a lot of people with one of the most common diseases of modern times.