Some brides go so nuts when planning a wedding, that they earn the nickname: “Bridezilla!”

But today, a new survey shows that grooms are more involved with wedding planning than ever before. And that’s giving rise to a new wedding terror: “The Groom-zilla!” That’s the nickname experts are giving to guys who go to the extreme, micro-managing every detail. For example:

  • 1-in-20 grooms now say they’re in charge of picking floral arrangements

  • 1-in-3 grooms help choose the wedding cake

  • And more than half of today’s Groomzillas have “final say” on things like the date and venue of their wedding

In fact, 75 percent of grooms today are involved in planning the big day. And couples counselors think that’s great - because couples are supposed to tackle marriage as a team. 

But some grooms are going to the extreme – and taking over! And there are a couple reasons for that.

First, a lot of today’s brides have high-powered, busy jobs - often busier than the groom's. So they need to rely on the groom to step up when they can't take the time away from their job.

Another reason for the Groomzilla trend: Some grooms want to keep the budget in line. Because the average wedding costs over $28-thousand dollars - and these days, most couples are paying for it themselves.

Also, today’s husbands want the wedding to reflect who they are, not just their new wife. 

That helps explain one groom we read about, who chose to have a flaming red Lamborghini be the couple’s wedding car, instead of a traditional limo!