Is your job stressing you out? A lot of your co-workers probably feel the exact same way. A huge new survey found that a record number of workers are extremely stressed on-the-job. And women are feeling the most pressure. 

The things that stress us out the most?

Too much work - earning too little – and not having any room for growth.

The research was done by the American Psychological Association, which surveyed 15-hundred people. They found that 1 out of 3 people have chronic work stress. 

Over half feel they’re underpaid and not valued by their company.

And over 60 percent feel their job’s a dead-end.  

The survey also found that job stress is hitting women hardest. For example, they’re more likely to feel stuck in their position, and more tense during a typical workday than men. Experts say that’s because women are increasingly their family’s top or sole breadwinner. In fact, statistics show that nearly half of families are supported by a woman. But the woman is also the primary person taking care of the family, too – as far as chores and childcare! 

And researchers say that women don’t manage stress as well as men. That’s because men usually speak up for themselves or challenge behavior they consider unfair. But women tend to internalize their feelings, which makes matters worse.  

But whether you’re a man or woman – stress can wreak havoc on your body and brain. Studies show stress hurts productivity, mental clarity, short-term memory, decision-making and moods. And can lower your immune function – leaving you more vulnerable to everything from cancer to depression. 

So, if your job is causing you to stress out every day, you may want to look for a new one – for your sanity’s sake!