According to the C-D-C, 68% of us are now either overweight or obese. And because of our expanding waistlines, a growing number of everyday items are being redesigned to accommodate an increasingly obese world. Some examples?

  • Cities are redesigning public busses. Last year, the Federal Transit Authority proposed raising the “assumed weight” of the average passenger from 150 pounds to 175 pounds. And in response, some new busses are adding an extra few inches of floor space - to make room for bigger seats, and passengers with “extra girth.”

  • Companies are also redesigning scales. Experts say it used to be almost impossible to find scales that went higher than 300 pounds. Now, the average scale goes up to 500 pounds!

  • Then there are our office chairs. The typical chair is designed for people weighing less than 300 pounds. Now, a company called Bodybilt makes extra-wide “bariatric seats,” which can support up to 600 pounds. And one government agency alone recently ordered 700 of them!

  • Toilets are being redesigned, too. A company called Big John sells oversize toilet seats that are wider and thicker than standard seats, and can hold up to 1200 pounds without breaking! And over the past decade, sales of bigger toilets have jumped 50% a year! Also, more toilets are being bolted to the floor, instead of the wall, so they don’t collapse when we sit down.

  • Let’s not forget caskets. Because a growing number of companies now sell triple-wide caskets, which can hold up to 700 pounds comfortably! Experts say that in the past decade, sales of extra-large caskets have grown from about one per year to almost a dozen a month! And to accommodate our bigger caskets, families now need to buy two plots just to bury one body.