Trying to stay young forever is bad for your health.

That’s the gist of a new report on the so-called “anti-aging industry.” It’s the name for the growing number of doctors who promise to help you feel younger, longer - by offering new treatments designed to give you more energy, a fitter body, better looking skin, or a better love life.

But here’s the catch: Many of the claims anti-aging doctors make are untested and dangerous! For example, one of the most common anti-aging treatments is to inject people with Human Growth Hormone. The thinking is that if you fill a person with the hormones they had when they were 20 years old, then they’ll naturally feel like they’re 20 again. However, many new studies link increasing HGH levels with a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Also, many anti-aging doctors are diagnosing people with “adrenal fatigue” – which is an industry ‘buzzword’ for a sleep condition caused by chronic stress. The problem is that the most common treatment for adrenal fatigue is a drug called cortisone.  And that’s been linked to a higher risk for osteoporosis, diabetes, and organ failure.

That explains why some experts describe anti-aging doctors as, quote: “one step above snake oil salesmen.” They say the reality is that aging is a natural process, not a medical condition.  And aging can’t be stopped or reversed by any hormone therapy or drug cocktail!

In fact, experts say best way to slow the aging process is to do what doctors have recommended for years: Maintain a healthy weight, be active, eat nutritious food, and don’t smoke.