Experts say that the only celebrity diet that might actually be healthy and worth trying is one you’ve probably never heard of: The Marilyn Monroe Diet.

Today’s celebrities starve themselves and exercise incessantly to be a size zero, like Victoria Beckham who famously wears jeans designed to fit a seven-year-old and Elizabeth Hurley who survives on watercress soup and raisins and once said she’d kill herself if she was “as fat” as Marilyn. But the truth is, she wasn’t fat. Most of Marilyn’s costumes were a size six! 

The truth is Marilyn Monroe had a very healthy relationship with food. She focused on “nourishing” foods, instead of “slimming ones.” For example, Marilyn’s breakfast was usually two eggs and warm milk. And a typical dinner was a broiled steak,with a handful of raw carrots. Her one vice? Stopping on the way home from acting classes for a hot fudge sundae. 

Without knowing it, Marilyn basically followed what dieticians today call the 80/20 rule: Eating healthily 80-percent of the time, so you can have the occasional treat. Marilyn ate mostly unprocessed foods, probably because there weren't a lot of processed food back then. She didn’t miss meals and naturally ate a good amount of protein, which helps you feel full. 

As for exercise, Marilyn worked out about 10 to 20 minutes a day with five-pound weights. Today a lot of experts say that a ten-minute circuit with weights is the perfect exercise regimen because it increases your resting metabolic rate which helps you burn calories. As a result: Marilyn Monroe may have had the healthiest celebrity diet of all time.