Your body could be the best weapon against cancer. Pennsylvania State University researchers recently identified a molecule in the human body that destroys cancer cells. And since it’s part of your body’s immune system, it doesn’t have any toxic side effects, like chemotherapy and radiation do.  

Here’s how it works. Your body has a built-in cancer detecting and fighting system – it’s a special protein nicknamed TRAIL that helps your immune system keep tumors from forming and spreading. 

The problem is, TRAIL doesn’t detect all cancer cells, and can’t attack all types of cancer.

That’s where the newly discovered molecule called TIC-10 comes in. It jumpstarts production of the TRAIL protein to destroy all cancer cells. And TIC-10 can even activate TRAIL proteins in healthy cells, too, which sets off a “bystander effect.” Causing healthy cells to kill cancer cells. 

And studies show that TIC-10 is an effective way to fight a wide range of cancers in animals, including breast, lymphatic, colon, lung, and brain cancer. In fact, TIC-10 is especially effective at wiping out one kind of brain tumor that’s notoriously difficult to treat. 

That’s because the molecule is small enough to slip past your body’s built-in filters that keep most cancer drugs out of your brain.

The next step is testing TIC-10 on humans. And if it’s as successful as researchers expect, they predict it could be the go-to cancer fighting method - with virtually no side effects.