According to a new study, for the first time in history, more women are marrying for love than money! And the era of “aspirational marriage” is over.

That’s the term researchers use for when a woman “marries up” – so-to-speak - to a man with more status or money. For example: Statistics show that in 1958, nearly 40-percent of women married up. That was the era you see portrayed on TV shows like “Mad Men,” where the common stereotype was that the only way for a women to get ahead in life was to marry up. But today? Only 16-percent of women marry up, while the rest either marry someone from the same background, or marry down!

Experts say today’s women are better educated, and have more work opportunities, so they become financially independent without needing to rely on a husband for support.

And know this: Experts say the drop in aspirational marriages is good news for families. Why? Because if women don’t need husbands for financial support, then they can prioritize other reasons for getting married – like love, companionship, and parenting.

In fact, according to a new survey in Forbes, 90-percent of single women say they’d marry for love over money.