Next time you hit the grocery store, you may find more than just a coffee-shop inside the front door. There could be a beer-and-wine bar! Meaning, you could sip something alcoholic while you shop. 

A lot of grocery stores have been working hard to make shopping less of a chore, and turn their stores into destinations where people want to come and hang out. 

Take Wegmans, for example, like most grocery chains, they offer things like lattes, made-to-order sushi, and hot food to eat in, or take out. But they’ve also added non-shopping perks, like on-site cooking classes, celebrity chef appearances and live music. So, adding a bar that offers wine by the glass, and local beer on tap, is the logical next step. 

A lot of customers love in-store wine-and-beer bars because they hate shopping, and being able to sip a beer while they wander the aisles makes it a lot less painful. Several stores have even added shopping carts with cup holders that can accommodate a pint glass. And one survey found that adding a bar made men a lot more likely to shop. 

But critics say it’s just another money grab. And critics believe that grocery stores simply want to get people tipsy enough to spend even more in the store. Because alcohol reduces inhibitions and impairs judgment, which loosens wallets!

So what do you think, is putting a bar in a grocery store a good idea? Would you like to sip while you shop? Weigh in at