Parents, you may want to think twice about the baby pictures you post online.

The issue’s in the news thanks to the growing popularity of Instagram. Recently, a mother used the photo-sharing app to post a snapshot of her 3-year-old, eating ice cream while taking a bath. Most of the people who saw the photo said it was cute and innocent, but because the child in the photo was nude in the bath, a lot of people freaked out. They said the picture should be deleted, because it could fall into the hands of a predator! And by the time the story wound up on “The Today Show,” the mother did remove the photo.

It may sound like a lot of fuss over nothing, but according to therapist Dr. Robi Ludwig, deleting the photo was the right move! She says parents should always think carefully about the images of their kids that they make public. Because unlike the photos we used to stash in family photo albums, pictures shared through social media can be downloaded or shared by anyone.

Plus, there have been many recent cases of parents being arrested for seemingly “innocent” photos of naked kids. Some are charged with sexual exploitation of a minor.

While others are charged, no joke, with child pornography! According to the book Harmful To Minors, by Judith Levine, a fear of predators has created a culture where any nude photo of a baby or young child is seen as potentially dangerous. That’s why a lot of experts say posting your naked baby photos on Facebook or Instagram crosses a line - from oversharing to “questionable parenting.”

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