Do you suffer from Pinterest stress? A lot of Moms do. In fact, a new survey of 7,000 moms found that nearly half of them have Pinterest stress. It leaves them feeling anxious, depressed, and inadequate. And the kicker? 3 out of 4 women who feel Pinterest-stress say it’s not because others judge them, it’s because they’re judging themselves, and they feel they come up short. 

So what is it about the website that leaves women feeling inadequate? Experts say the site creates intense pressure to make every birthday party, family photo, and bake “Pin-worthy.” A lot of moms spend hours trying to re-create popular pins, and if the projects don’t turn out exactly right, moms feel like failures.  

And it’s not just Pinterest that’s stressing moms out. A Stanford University study found we can get the same effect from Facebook, essentially believing that everybody else’s kids are perfect, every other mom can bake perfect cupcakes, and every other mom looks gorgeous shuttling their kids to soccer practice, but them. 

But experts say we should never compare ourselves, or our projects, to what we see online. That’s because we never know what’s going on behind-the-scenes. For example, a friend may pin a photo of an exquisite honey glazed peach cobbler, but the dessert could have actually been made by a professional baker. And that perfect family photo? The kids could have been having a tantrum right up until the flash went off. 

That’s why there’s a growing backlash against Pinterest perfection. New sites are popping up, like, that let you upload photos of your Pinterest disasters and see others’ botched creations, too. Experts say it’s a healthy reminder that nobody’s perfect.