Within a decade, we’ll all be extreme “life-loggers.” 

That’s the term for people who document every moment of their life - with photos, videos, and smartphone apps. And while that may sound obsessive, experts say life-logging is a growing trend that most of us are already doing, to one degree or another. After all, we use apps to help us track every meal, workout, and receipt. We post photos of everything we do to Facebook or Instagram. And millions of parents today are broadcasting every precious moment of their kids’ lives online, in YouTube videos.

It’s one reason why Google plans to release a new set of glasses this year – called Google Goggles – which can record video of everything we see, while simultaneously displaying data inside of the lens. Experts say by using technology like this, we could one day take all the “guesswork” out of our lives because we’d have a digital journal that we can wind back any time – like a giant DVR – to settle arguments with our spouse, or relive favorite memories with our friends, and kids.

The question is: Is all this “life-logging” a good thing?  In some ways, yes because studies show that people who keep a photo food journal tend to eat less.  And people who wear a pedometer generally walk more than people who don’t. In both situations, it’s because the person becomes more aware of their behavior.

But that self-awareness can become self-consciousness. We may constantly judge ourselves. And if we’re wearing a camera all the time, others may not be as genuine with us, for fear of being caught on camera and having their bad behavior captured, forever.

So, what do you think? Are you a life-logger? What do you keep track of? Weigh in at Facebook.com/John Tesh.