Time to turn the tables on your doctor, and diagnose whether or not they’re the best match for you. Here are the main warning signs it’s time to ditch your doc:

  • First: They overprescribe meds. The number of prescriptions being written has jumped 40-percent over the last few years. That’s because a lot of doctors are overprescribing as a quick and easy fix, instead of suggesting healthier alternatives. For example, according to American Journal of Public Health, the number of sleeping-pill prescriptions has grown 21-times more quickly than the number of patients reporting sleep problems. So doctors are just doling out pills to get patients through the door faster, whether they need them or not. So before you try a new medication, ask your doctor: “Are there non-drug options I can try first? Why did you pick this medication for me?” If they brush you off, find a new doctor. 

  • Another reason to drop your doctor: They’re sleep-deprived. It’s the norm for a lot of doctors to work 28-hour shifts without time off. And that can have scary repercussions. For example, one study found that sleep-deprived residents made 300-percent more preventable errors that caused fatalities compared to well-rested doctors. So book the earliest morning appointment for procedures, when doctors are most alert. 

  • You also might want a new doctor if they’re judgmental. A study found that women who had the same pain symptoms as men were much less likely to receive proper treatment because their doctors assumed they were exaggerating. Also, research shows that doctors spend less time with obese patients because they consider them lazy. So if your doctor seems uninterested, or makes generalized statements, like “It’s normal for women to feel overemotional,” move on.