Is divorce getting more civilized? It just might be.

These days, a lot of couples aren’t losing their temper, fighting over money or the kids. Instead, they’re settling things with a mediator and then throwing a party for all their friends to celebrate their new, separate lives.

Take designer Douglas Hannat. He split with his partner of 20 years and they threw a party for 100 friends. 

Another example? Billionaire Charles Bronfman and his wife Bonnie threw a soiree to commemorate their divorce. They told guests “As we change the parameters of our relationship, our mutual admiration and caring remains constant.”

And Christine Gallagher is a divorce party planner in LA who says the business has exploded. She says, for her clients it’s cathartic. It’s a way of saying, “The End” in a positive way. 

Experts are saying, this is a natural evolution. Now that divorce is mainstream, it’s not as devastating as it once was. 

Andrew Cherlin is a professor at Johns Hopkins who wrote the book, “The Marriage Go Round,” and he says, 50 years ago, divorce had a terrible stigma. It was the end of the world – and women, especially, were looked at as failures. People thought there must be something wrong with them if they couldn’t keep a husband. 

But today, divorce is more friendly. Divorced families vacation together. They help each other out. They do their best to remain respectful. But a happy divorce takes work – just like a happy marriage. 

So what do you think? Is it possible to have a happy divorce?