At what point does being “okay” with your size stop being okay, because your size is unhealthy?  It’s a question asked recently by our friend Dr. David Katz. He’s an expert in weight management, nutrition, and chronic disease.  And he says that when it comes to being overweight or obese, there’s been a change in our culture’s attitude lately.  On one hand, it’s positive, because we’re seeing people speaking out against fat discrimination.

For example: Dr. Katz points to magazine and TV ads, which celebrate women with curves. There are more plus-size models working on fashion runways – representing real women’s bodies.  And singers like Queen Latifah and Adele showcase a strong, “I’m comfortable in my own skin” mindset.

So what’s the downside? When people use fat acceptance as a license to eat whatever they want – and not exercise. While Dr. Katz agrees that people of any size should be treated equally and with dignity, he’s got a big problem with the health problems they face.

For starters, he says obesity is the number one reason why there’s a diabetes epidemic! It’s also why there’s been a 35 percent jump in the rate of heart-attack and stroke among children under age 15! Plus, a whopping 80 percent of chronic diseases have been linked to obesity.

And while it’s true that you CAN be fit AND fat – very few people are. It’s the exception – and more often than not, overweight and unfit are part of the same package. That’s why Dr. Katz has a problem with people who say you’re “okay at any size.” He says, we shouldn’t attack the people, but we need to attack the problem.

Do you agree? Or do you think more people should celebrate their weight, no matter their size? Weigh in at Tesh.