Okay, truth or myth: If you’re over 50, you’ll have a harder time getting a job because of age discrimination. That’s actually False!

Half of all unemployed Baby Boomers believe that age discrimination cost them at least one job. But a survey of 500 hiring managers found that 50-somethings are actually 3 times more likely be hired than Millennials, who’re in their twenties. 

Why? 91 percent of hiring managers believe that mature workers are more reliable and more professional than younger workers. They also say that older workers are better writers, and are 5 times less likely to need to work on their writing skills than Millennials. 

Hiring managers also say that more mature, over-50 workers are more loyal, more likely to be team players. And even if they work more slowly than younger workers, they make up for it by paying closer attention to detail, and are more likely to take pride in their work. 

Another reason the over-50 crowd is more likely to be hired: They make fewer interview mistakes! 

Hiring managers say that most Millennials make major interview mistakes, like dressing inappropriately. They’re also much more likely to post offensive content on Facebook or Twitter. And younger applicants don’t ask questions that show they’re interested in the company.

But there is one drawback to hiring older workers: Less than up-to-date technology skills! Hiring managers say that mature workers are 14 times more likely to need to learn new technology. 

So, 50 somethings: If you want to be a frontrunner on the job front, it’s time to embrace texting, Twitter and Facebook, and maybe even learn HTML coding. In fact, you might consider hiring your grandkids to help you get up to speed.