When you’re frantically searching for your car keys – again! – do you worry it might be Alzheimer’s? Don’t panic! There are 100 other conditions, from vitamin deficiencies to rare brain disorders, which can cause similar symptoms. And every Alzheimer’s expert alive today has been fooled by something:

  • Medications. Certain meds interrupt the signals in your nervous system – which can cause side effects similar to Alzheimer’s, like confusion, memory loss and personality changes. That includes statins, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, and sleeping pills. In fact, psychiatrist Dr. Gary Kennedy has seen patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s make a complete recovery after changing their medications.
  • Exposure to high levels of iron, lead, or copper can also mimic Alzheimer’s. And it can cause foggy thinking by scrambling the communication between brain synapses.
  • Thiamine deficiency is another one, since it can cause severe forgetfulness, irritability and confusion. Because low doses of thiamine make it hard for our brain to store memories or regulate mood.
  • Spinal fluid buildup. Some neurosurgeons believe that 1-in-7 people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are actually suffering from this instead. It puts pressure on their brain, and causes memory loss, difficulty walking, and incontinence. A spinal tap can determine if that’s the answer. And a simple surgical procedure to drain the extra fluid can lead to significant improvement.