Is he into you or not? Ladies, here are the signs according to science and relationship expert Dr. Kevin Hogan, author of Irresistible Attraction.

If he’s into you, he’ll fuss over you. Let’s say you’re in mid-conversation and he reaches over to brush a piece of fuzz off your sweater – he isn’t focusing on your imperfections, he’s showing interest. Dr. Hogan calls it “lint picking” Animals do it, they’ll swat bugs away from their mate, or groom each other. It’s an excuse to enter into your personal space.

Another sign of attraction? He’ll look slightly shocked. If you pay close attention, you’ll see a man slightly lift his eyebrows and look surprised while talking to you. It’s a subconscious reaction when a man sees something he likes.

Another clue that he’s into you? He’ll turn his chest toward you. According to anthropologist and relationship expert Helen Fisher, author of “Why Him? Why Her?” when a man points his chest in your direction, you’re on his radar. She says it’s the same as when a gorilla pounds his chest and roars, it’s a way to command attention. For a man, it means “Look at me! I’m important!”

One last sign that he’s into you: He’ll slouch his shoulders. Once you’re engaged in conversation, he’ll ditch the gorilla act and slump forward, rounding his shoulders to appear smaller. Dr. Hogan says slouching is a way for a man to seem more approachable and less threatening to a woman. His posture is sending the signal, “I’m on your level, let’s connect.”

So let’s review: If he picks lint off your sweater, raises his eyebrows, turns his gorilla chest toward you, and then slouches once you’re talking – he’s into you.