You know we’re fans of green tea. It’s loaded with heart-healthy antioxidants that also help prevent belly fat. Well, it turns out that there’s another health benefit from drinking green tea – it helps fight bacterial infections. Here are the details:

Dr. Mervat Kassem is a pharmacology professor at Alexandria University in Egypt. And since almost everyone in Egypt drinks green tea every day, he wanted to see if it had any impact on the effectiveness of medicines. Because a lot of foods can cause adverse reactions in drugs - like grapefruit juice and some cholesterol medication.

So, Dr. Kassem tested green tea and two different types of antibiotics against 28 disease-causing micro-organisms.

The result: In every case, green tea enhanced the performance of the antibiotics. And some of the results were dramatic. For example, one common antibiotic was nearly 3 times more effective at killing microbes when taken with green tea.

And even when patients were battling germs that had developed a resistance to antibiotics, green tea increased the medication’s effectiveness by 20 percent.