We're always trying to find a few calorie corners for you to cut. Fat-free isn't always the best choice, but what about fat-free half and half - will that pack on the pounds, too? The folks at Health magazine looked into it and they found that - NO. It's actually a healthy substitute for the real deal! Registered dietician Christine Palumbo is a member if the American Dietetic Association, and she says based on texture and flavor, fat free half-and-half is one of those dairy products that's nearly as good as its original.The regular stuff is just a mixture of milk and cream, which contains 40 calories and three grams of fat for every serving - which is two tablespoons. However, the fat-free stuff has half the calories, and the fat is replaced with FDA-approved fillers - like carrageenan. It comes from seaweed and is found in a lot of foods, including milkshakes. Because it's a thickening agent, the calories that fat-free half-and-half does have come from nonfat milk and a small amount of corn syrup. Palumbo says the benefits of fat-free half-and-half, even with the corn syrup, make it a better choice than the full-fat version. Enjoy!