Email is so turn of the century. That’s because experts say that Millennials, those born between 1980 and 1999, have lost interest in a lot of things that we use everyday. And because they’re not using or buying these things, they’re about to become obsolete. So, here are a few popular items that are on the way out, thanks to Millennials: 

  • First: Email. In the last year, the time Millennials spend using email to communicate has dropped nearly 60-percent and it’s dropping more every day. It’s because email isn’t quick enough for Millennials, who expect to communicate in seconds, like by sending a text message.

  • Then, regular beer is about to leave menus everywhere. Surveys show that most Millennials prefer light beer to regular. And sales back it up. In fact, last year Bud Light sales equaled the sales of the top four regular beers combined. 

  • Also, the open roads are about to get a lot more open. That’s because a lot of young people no longer want cars! A recent survey found that Millennials aren’t bothering to get their license. So why don’t Millennials want to drive? Because they’d rather take public transportation so that they can commute while surfing the web on their iPad 2 or texting with a friend. 

  • And the final thing Millennials don’t want or don’t need: TV sets. A recent report found that one out of five Millennials watch most of their television online on sites like Experts say it’s because they want to watch things on their own schedule, wherever they are. Instead of having to sit in one place at a specific time.